Washable. Breathable. Water Repellent.

Designed and developed by Jacqueline Zegray, a Montreal creative, the ZMASQ was developed after thoroughly researching textiles and their effectiveness in stopping viral particles. Aided by the insights of a friend working at the CNESST, a non-homologated mask was created to be as efficient as possible.

Initially conceived to help the equipment shortage experienced by friends working in hospitals and in CHSLDs, the ZMASQ quickly stood out as a superior protection solution. ZMASQ is designed for full face coverage from below eyes to chin. A domed shape and internal filter create an air pocket for easy inhalation and exhalation allowing for comfortable breathability and long-term wear.

Designed with independent elastic ties ZMASQ is easy to remove without touching the front of your mask or face as recommended by public health officials.


ZMASQ is crafted from polypropylene, the same textile used in the manufacturing of surgical and N95 masks. Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer. It’s a non-toxic, odorless, breathable and water repellent fabric used in many industries.

The ZMASQ polypropylene-polyester mask exterior is made of sublimated polyester and includes a breathable polypropylene inner pocket with a removable filter. A 100% polypropylene mask is also available in either black or white.

Corporate & custom orders

For corporate or institutional requests, please send us an email at We create custom designs for orders of 25+.

All custom designs are sent to clients in PDF form via email for approval prior to printing.


You have 7 days after receiving your order to report a problem or defect. For obvious sanitary reasons, we don’t take back delivered masks. We will either repair or replace defective items.

Caring for your mask

Wash your mask prior to first wear and wash after every usage. Hand wash in warm / hot water & soap. You can use the spin cycle on washing machine and/or air dry. DO NOT USE CHLORINE / BLEACH. DO NOT IRON. Masks can also be disinfected by spraying them with hydrogen peroxide (10 volume, 3%), but they must be dried 48 hours prior to wear to ensure no harmful vapors are inhaled. Please follow public officials recommandations on how to wear and handle your mask.


Filters are washable but should be replaced after 2-3 weeks depending on intensity of usage. Because of the current pandemic, filter material is more difficult to secure. We are constantly updating our suppliers in order to provide filters that offer the best protection vs. breathability for our clients. Filter material may change without notice. 


Colors & designs may change without notice. Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery on regular orders. And 2-3 weeks on printed and custom orders depending on volume.